Hello Everyone,

My name is Ria Booth and Beach Notes is my blog.

I like to stay in touch with family, old friends, new friends, and people I’ve never met who have shared interests. Writing and photos seem a good way of communicating, and blogging a way to do it.

Born in London, I was a London ‘evacuee’ in the second World War, living in a Hertfordshire village, High Wych, for three years. I’ve written a short account of that time, ‘Pied Piper Child’,  published this year by Poble Sec, a Barcelona based publisher.

Now I live in Auckland, New Zealand close to the sea.  My children and grandchildren were born here.  The beautiful beaches bordering the Hauraki Gulf are such inspirational places, open to every mood.

I enjoy music, play a bit on guitar and piano, splash around with water based paints and inks, grow herbs and citrus trees, and cook – sometimes good enough to eat, sometimes badly burnt. I collect cookery books as a solace and watch TV chefs in the hope I’ll learn something simple and delicious to offer family and friends.

My photos are mostly my own, taken on my trusty 4S iPhone which is always with me when I need it. I did start out in the old days with an SLR and various lenses, but by the time I’d got the lot sorted the subject had fled or fallen asleep, or it had started to rain. An iPhone in my pocket is ideal for me.

I feel strongly that children learn best by being given time and facilities to use their precious imaginations; and that there should be a beautiful planet, clear, clean water and good nourishing food for them and their descendants.

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