Photoshoot for a horse.

First Post.  1 August

1 August is the birthday for thoroughbred and standardbred race horses born  in the southern hemisphere.  In the northern hemisphere it falls on 1 January.   This is not to please the horses but to make life easier for their owners to choose in which category to place their horse for a fair race.

Horse owners love their horses, especially those who only own one.  They become part of the family:  nourished, groomed and exercised, when  their true birthday comes around, they employ the very best photographers to take their photos.

But horses don’t always understand about showing their best side for the camera and all that. So the photographer directs her team to get the result she wants  –  this horse seemed to enjoy hide-n-seek.

Caitilin Booth-Linkhorn of Unicorn Images
decides a distraction is needed.




Found ya!



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